It will soon be easier to invoice without a company.

Unify is under construction and will be launched shortly.

Low costs

With a lower fee for self-employment, you as a freelancer receive a higher salary than most other players.

Fastest payout

We can pay your salary within 24 hours when choosing an express payment, otherwise your salary will be paid immediately after the invoice has been paid.

Easy & safe

Our service is simple, you create an account with Bank ID and sign your invoices with this. The site is also encrypted via SSL.

Start invoicing easily today!

Are you a freelancer or a small business? Working as a self-employed person at Unify has many advantages. Invoice your customers through us and you avoid the risk of not getting paid. We take care of the tedious accounting and pay your salary within 24 hours *.

You get this much in salary

You easily invoice your customers, we handle all paperwork, pay fees and pay your salary.

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Invoice without company

With our simple service, we help freelancers, private individuals and small companies to be able to quickly and easily get paid for their work. This at a very low price.

Freelance invoice

Do you work extra or full time as a freelancer but do not have your own company or f-tax? Work as a self-employed person with us and invoice easily and get your salary paid tax and ready.

Get paid right away

You have the opportunity as a self-employed person to sell your invoice to us, we can then pay your salary directly. Even then, you avoid the risk of not getting paid.

What will be my salary?

The salary we pay is after fees and taxes, only 3.95% of the total costs our service, then we take care of all the paperwork!

Highest salary at Unify

At Unify, we have one of Sweden's lowest fees for self-employment, this means that you get a higher salary than with most other players.

Get your salary estimated and ready

One of the advantages of being self-employed is that you do not have to think about everything with employer contributions, taxes, etc., we take care of it and pay your salary estimated and ready!

Subtract RUT

If you want to report RUT deductions, you do it easily when you create your invoice. We take care of the rest.

Peel off the ROOT

If you want to report a ROT deduction, you do it easily when you create your invoice. We take care of the rest.

Subtract for overhead

If you have overheads, such as travel or hotel nights, you can deduct these, we then need documentation.

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common questions?

Here you will find the answer to the most common questions.

1. How does it work?

Our service works so that you get a self-employment with us, you can then work for almost any employer and then invoice for work performed through Unify, we then pay your salary estimated and ready.

2. What are the benefits

The advantages of being self-employed versus having a sole proprietorship or company is that you avoid all the hassle that takes unnecessary time, including paperwork and accounting. But the biggest advantage is that you avoid the risk of not being paid.

3. Can I use your service?

All persons over the age of 18, are Swedish citizens and hold a Bank ID can join Unify to start invoicing without a company.

4. What does it cost?

It is free to create an account and we offer our fee on the first invoice for all new customers, after that it is a low fee of only 3.95% to cover our costs.

5. When do I get paid?

You usually get paid within 24 hours on weekdays after your invoice is paid (You can choose payment terms when you invoice yourself 1, 7, 14 or 30 days). If you are in a hurry, you can use our express service, we then buy your invoice and therefore face a higher risk, the cost is then 5% of the invoice amount, which is still lower than our competitors’ base prices. Your salary will then be paid within 24 hours.

6. Why should I choose Unify?

We always strive to have the best platform and the lowest fees, all to make it as easy & cheap as possible for you as a self-employed person.

Get started

You easily invoice your customers, we handle all paperwork, pay fees and pay your salary.

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You easily invoice your customers, we handle all paperwork, pay fees and pay your salary.

Invoice without a company using Unify

Are you interested in working from home? You may regularly be offered assignments that you turn down when you can not or do not want to start your own business. Many Swedes have hobbies that they could make an extra income from in addition to their own job or maybe even make a living from. The fact is, however, that it can be complicated to run your own company in Sweden and this leads to many people not following their dreams of working for themselves. When you run an individual company, you need to take care of accounting and report this can easily lead to your passion and energy from what you want to do becoming a burden instead of something fun and relaxing.

Of course it should not be like that! There are many who work from home today and are self-employed without having their own company for that reason. Being self-employed means that you work through a service where you can easily invoice without f-tax. Some support themselves from home in this way and can therefore invoice without having a business. It is smooth and easy and you do not have to do any accounting. This is a great advantage as many people are simply more creative and like to create and find the paperwork cumbersome and expensive. This is very common among freelancers and today there are many good solutions for invoicing without companies for those who want to work from home but do not spend hours on accounting and making deductions for taxes and calculating all fees. When you work as a self-employed person and invoice through a self-employed company such as Unify, you get your salary paid, estimated and ready!

Use Unify to make it easy for you

When you use a company like Unify, you do not need to have the same control, we make sure that everything is right and that all taxes and fees that must be paid will be paid. You do not have to deal with accounting or other hassles and can instead focus on what you think is fun. Unify gives you the chance to sell a service and it is not necessary that you have your own company before you can start with this. You do not have to prepare in any way or spend days to go through the rules and conditions, nor do you have to take a course in entrepreneurship. With the help of Unify, you can simply get started directly with your work.

It is very easy to get started, if you know that you will need to send invoices to your customers, you can start by creating an account immediately. This is easily done through a BankID signing followed by you having to fill in some basic information and to which account we are to pay your salary. Then when your customer comes to you with a job that he wants you to do, you will agree on the payment, you will then perform the job and when everything is ready and the customer is satisfied, you can log in to the website and create your invoice where you send to the customer. Unify then ensures that the customer receives the invoice according to the information you have provided. When the customer has paid your invoice, we pay your salary. If you choose our express alternative, we will pay your salary within 24 hours of your invoice being sent. Using a company like Unify to send invoices without a company means that you are taken more seriously by your customers. They will see you as a more serious freelancer and it also shows that you do not do “undeclared work”. This means that you can get more repeat customers and also that your customers recommend you to other potential customers. Another advantage is that you also have the opportunity to offer your customers RUT / ROT deductions if the service you have performed and the customer is qualified for it.

Unify also has among them the lowest fees when compared to other services for invoicing without companies. This means that you will receive a slightly higher salary through Unify as the fee with us is lower than with most other self-employment companies. We only charge a fee of 3.95 percent on the invoice amount and thus have one of Sweden’s lowest fees. You should keep in mind that if you are planning to start a business on your own, there are many fees that apply, so it is often easier not to do this and instead use a service like Unify as you save a lot of time on this. Self-employment is a flexible way to get away from this extra job and therefore has more time left over to do other things.

Do not let accounting and lots of complicated rules prevent you from an extra income on something that you think is fun to perform. For example, you can make a profit on your hobby by using our service or you can test the wings outside of the work you have. Even if you already work on your own and want a smoother and simpler company that handles the accounting, Unify is the right choice for you.

The best choice for you who freelance or do not have your own business.

Have you been thinking about starting your own business for a long time but are afraid of all the hassle of bookkeeping? Unify is the perfect service for you, invest in making it good and we will take care of the rest.

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