Invoice without F-tax at Unify

With us at Unify, it is easy to invoice without f-tax as a private person, we handle your VAT, taxes and fees. We also make sure that all fees are paid on time. You get your salary paid, estimated and ready, we of course send all information to the tax office for your self-declaration.

This is how easy it is to invoice without f-tax

At Unify, we have made it so easy for you as a private person to invoice without f-tax!

  1. Log in via Bank ID
  2. Fill in your information
  3. Create invoice & select recipient
  4. Send the invoice
  5. You get the salary paid estimated & ready when the invoice is paid

As simple as that! Get started and invoice without f-tax today!

What does F-tax mean?

F-tax stands for corporate tax, which all companies in Sweden must have by law. Your company must be able to certify that F tax is paid and this is done by having an F tax slip, which is the same as an F tax certificate. This must be registered with the Swedish Tax Agency. If you want to know more about f-tax, you can visit the Swedish Tax Agency’s website .

Why Unify?

Do you want to try your business idea? Starting your own business can be difficult and cumbersome, not least with all the paperwork involved. As a self-employed person, you only work on your own terms, you do what you are good at and decide your working hours yourself. We as an employer are here for you so that you can safely carry out your assignments while we are responsible for the rest. We provide F tax slip which means that all you need to do is carry out your assignments and invoice through us. You can then invoice without your own f-tax.

By choosing us at Unify, you make it easier for yourself, you as a private person can easily invoice without F tax. We have a lower fee than most other players in the market. If you want, we have a service where you get your money in the account within 24 hours. These are some of our benefits.

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