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The following post is a comparison

Unify & Cool Company are two completely different players in self-employment in Sweden. Unify and Cool Company do not have any form of cooperation and should therefore not be confused. This article should therefore not be seen as anything other than a comparison of two completely different invoicing services without companies.

For those of you who work and invoice without a company, you can now continue to do your thing, but at a lower cost! Unify is a new player in the Swedish market and our goal is for you who do the hard work to be allowed to keep as much of the cake as possible. Our cost is significantly lower than most players in Sweden, without the service being in any way worse, rather the opposite! We at Unify are happy to compare ourselves with, for example, Cool Company, which is a popular and established self-employment service here in Sweden. You can see a simpler comparison between Unify and Cool Company below.

Unify compared to Cool Company

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When you are a freelancer, you perform jobs or services for others but you are not employed by any company. If, on the other hand, you have self-employment, you are employed in a company for self-employed people. CoolCompany and Unifyare examples of such companies. Unify is a new company on the market within self-employment companies. When self-employment companies are used, it can be said that the freelancer can then be counted as an employee in that company. Namely, it is the self-employed company that invoices the self-employed person’s customers and pays taxes and employer contributions. The self-employment company in turn charges a fee that consists of about 6%, depending on the company, on all invoice amounts that are invoiced. In this way, the self-employed person receives their money without having their own company and without being responsible for employer contributions and other taxes being paid in accordance with the Swedish Tax Agency’s rules.

Self-employment at Unify

As I said, Unify is a new self-employment company and is entering the market with competitive prices for invoicing services even without companies. We at Unify believe that by having the absolute lowest cost for each invoice compared to all competitors in Sweden, we will be able to help even more freelancers and private individuals who are interested in working a little extra but avoiding the hassle with their own company. Our fee for each invoice is only 3.95%, which means that we are 2.03% lower than Cool Company’s fee for the same service. It may not sound like much, but if you, for example, work as a freelancer full time and invoice SEK 1,000,000 / year, you will earn around SEK 20,000 more per year via Unify than at Cool Company. The net salary (ie after tax and fees) at Cool Company would be approx.

This is how much the freelancer gets out of self-employment at Unify

If a freelancer chooses to be self-employed with Unify, it has chosen the self-employed company with the lowest fee of 3.95%. In addition to the 3.95% that Unify charges, taxes and fees are deducted. Taxes and fees are 44% regardless of whether the freelancer refuses to handle his invoices himself or if he chooses to have a so-called self-employment. In summary, it can be said that, if the freelancer uses Unify, on an invoice of SEK 100, SEK 44 is deducted for taxes and fees and SEK 3.95 is deducted as a fee to Unify. At SEK 100, the freelancer thus receives about SEK 52 and has then been able to invoice without a company.

This is how much the freelancer gets out of self-employment at Cool Company

If a freelancer chooses to be self-employed at Cool Company, he has chosen the self-employed company with a fee of 5.98%. In addition to the 5.98% that Cool Company charges, taxes and fees are deducted. The same fixed taxes and fees of 44%, which are the same regardless of whether you are self-employed or run your own company. In summary, if the self-employed person uses Cool Company’s service, on an invoice of SEK 100, SEK 44 is deducted for taxes and fees and SEK 5.98 as a fee to Cool Company. At SEK 100, the freelancer thus receives SEK 50.08 and has then been able to invoice without a company.

Work as a self-employed person and invoice without a company

Unlike a self-employed person, a self-employed person does not need to have an F-tax slip, so he can invoice without a company. It also does not have to worry about taking courses and learning everything about accounting. The salary that is received in his account via the self-employment is all so completely estimated and ready and does not need to be declared or booked.

Everyone can become self-employed at Unify

Everyone who wants to invoice without a company has the opportunity to use Unify, the only requirements that must be met are that you are 18 years old, are a Swedish citizen and have a mobile BankID. To become a customer, register for Unify’s website by filling in your personal information and approving with your BankId. However, Unify reserves the right to deny persons employment (More information will be provided to the applicant).

We hope this guide makes it easier for you to choose which company you want to work as a self-employed person! We are sure that regardless of whether you choose Unify or Cool Company, you will be more than satisfied.

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